Videos Show a Collision of 3 Groups That Spawned a Fiery Political Moment

They were high school boys who had traveled from Northern Kentucky for the annual March for Life in Washington. He was a Native American man in town for a march to support indigenous people. On Friday, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, their worlds collided and generated an explosive political moment that has generated one cycle of outrage after another.

The first images to ricochet across social media showed a young man, Nick Sandmann, wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat and appearing to be in a standoff with Nathan Phillips, the Native American man.

More videos have shown that the encounter was preceded by taunting from a small group…

Covington Catholic chaperone: Our kids were targeted

Covington Catholic chaperone: Our kids were targeted

A mother who chaperoned Covington Catholic students during their trip to Washington says the now-viral confrontation with Native American activists was a result of Black Hebrew Israelites throwing ‘horrific insults’ at the teens. Jill Hamlin speaks out on ‘Fox & Friends.’ #FoxandFriends #FoxNews

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Dreamers must be protected – as Indigenous Peoples were not

A woman receives a Native American smudging ceremony as so-called Dreamers rally outside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles.

As we approach the 5 March date for expiration of the legal immigration status of so-called Dreamers – those who came to the US as children and now fall under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status, or Daca – we as citizens of the original Indigenous Nations of this continent have been watching closely.

We have dealt with these issues ever since the first Europeans crossed the Atlantic and “discovered” lands you call the Americas, known to us for millennia as the Great Turtle Island or Abya Yala. Since the United States was founded on our lands in 1776, these policies and practices have had a devastating impact on the territories and rights of the Original Nations and our relatives from both north and the south of US borders.

For us, Daca is not an immigration crisis. It is a human rights crisis. And human rights cannot be deferred. Every day approximately 122 people lose Daca protection. This cruel policy immorally punishes and traumatizes innocent young people and their families.

As Indigenous Peoples, we know our history and we know our relatives. Many so-called “undocumented” people are in fact Indigenous Peoples, children of Original Nations with a millennial history of travel across the continent to trade and engage in ceremonial obligations at sacred sites of their traditional territories before the US existed.

The US-Mexico border is not an indigenous border. Similarly, to citizens of the Onondaga Nation – part of the Six Nation Haudenosaunee Confederacy, what you call the Iroquois – the US-Canadian border runs through traditional lands that we view as one inseparable nation.

Dividing families is something we cannot imagine doing to others, because we have been through this pain many times at the hands of the same government. That is why we as Indigenous Peoples support immediate passage of a “clean” Dream Act, and it should definitely not be linked to funding a…