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Father goes viral for giving out hugs at Pride parade

Father goes viral for giving out hugs at Pride parade

Scott "Howie" Dittman went viral for giving out "dad hugs" to the attendees of a Pride parade in Pittsburgh. #CNN #News

Parkland victim’s father: Traumatized students shouldn’t have been flung into politics

My community never got the help it needed to actually heal. But even now, our community is still experiencing the aftershocks of the attack. Over the course of just one week in March, two more MSD students died, this time by suicide, adding to the horror of this senseless and preventable tragedy. In the days immediately following the Parkland shooting, before the families of the victims had processed the magnitude of their loss, a cadre of vocal students, fueled by the news media frenzy, focused on political action. Read more commentary: Flashback: Here's what it was like to watch my friends die in Room 1216 I moved my kids from Florida to New Zealand, only to need to explain mass shootings anyway While the sense of political urgency from students was understandable and in some ways admirable, it came at the cost of a focus on the health and healing — for the families of the victims, students, teachers and the community at large. Mismanaged media frenzy The lack of focus was recently highlighted by MSD teacher Kimberly Krawczyk, who bravely spoke out about the failure of the school district to address the trauma experienced by students and teachers. The SSI found that only one-third of attackers had ever received a mental health evaluation, and fewer than one-fifth had been diagnosed with a mental health or behavior disorder. As shocking as it may sound, as a group, school shooters are similar in this way to suicide victims. Solutions to the suicide epidemic The Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center has recommended a proactive approach to school safety called the Threat Assessment Model, which uses a team of mental health, law enforcement and education professionals to help identify troubled young people. My good friend and collaborator, Dr. Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber and her colleagues at Columbia University, developed the Columbia Protocol, a suicide-prevention tool with six simple questions to help determine whether a person is at risk for suicide.

Germany Demands Apology After Trump Claims Father Was Born There

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded that Donald Trump issue a “complete and sincere apology” to the German people, after Trump claimed incorrectly, on Tuesday, that his father was born in Germany. “Of the many insulting things that Donald Trump could say to the German people, alleging that his father was born here is by far the most hurtful,” she said. “He must take it back at once.” Merkel said that Germany would consider breaking off diplomatic relations with the U.S. immediately if Trump did not acknowledge “that his father was born somewhere else.” Despite widely available evidence that Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was born in the Bronx, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, stuck by Trump’s story on Tuesday afternoon. “The President is proud that his father was born in a great foreign country like Germany, and not in a bad foreign country like Puerto Rico,” she said.

Nigeria election 2019: How ‘godfathers’ influence politics

"It refers to a situation where there's a big man who wields enormous political power and then anoints a godson, who he adopts as a candidate for the election. "And the godfather will do all that is reasonably possible to get the godson appointed into political office. When 'godfatherism' gets messy In the southern state of Akwa Ibom, the country's largest oil-producer, many people believe the main godfather is Godswill Akpabio, who holds a senate seat. And Mr Akpabio certainly seems to deliver in numbers. Onofiok Luke, now the speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, was one of Mr Akpabio's former godsons. Kano has the second-biggest number of registered voters in the country, making it a key state for either of the two main parties to secure victory. The feud is so fierce that for some time Mr Kwankwaso avoided the city of Kano where there has been an attempt to counter his popularity with the so-called Gandujiyya movement, whose members wear blue hats. 'Question of ego' As godsons become political players in their own right, it is inevitable that they fall out with their godfathers. More about Nigeria's 2019 vote For Mr Ashiru this is a key problem with godfatherism: "Godfather culture is more about the individual than the collective. For Mr Akpabio and Mr Kwankwaso, it will not be long before they find out if their influence is waning.

The Father, the Son and the Sins of Italian Politics

Then he became the son. For years, Mr. Di Maio, a 32-year-old leader of Italy’s populist coalition government, attacked his political enemies by seeking to stain them with the alleged misconduct of their fathers. Recent news reports have charged that his father paid employees off the books and illegally built on his land outside Naples. On Monday, the elder Di Maio, who dabbled in post-fascist politics, posted a painful video on his Facebook page that was subsequently spread across Five Star social media. “I’m sorry for my son Luigi, who they are trying to attack,” he says, insisting his son knew nothing of his misdeeds and praising his “honesty, transparency and courage.” He demands that critics “leave my family alone” but argues that he had no choice but to hire workers off the books. Before Five Star came to power, its main target was Matteo Renzi of the Democratic Party, a former prime minister. “I’m convinced that the sins of the father should not be visited upon the sons,” Mr. Renzi wrote on Facebook after the program about Mr. Di Maio’s father aired. Mr. Renzi’s father recently wrote on Facebook that if he had done what Mr. Di Maio’s father had, Five Star “would already have launched an appeal on social networks for the return of the death penalty.” (This week, La Verità, another newspaper close to the populist government, alleged new improprieties, prompting Tiziano Renzi to deny that he and his son paid paperboys off the books when they operated a paper route decades ago in Florence.) “I’d like to look in the face Mr. Antonio Di Maio, the father of Luigi, and say I hope that he does not go through what his son and his friends put my father and my family through,” she said. Then the left-leaning newspaper la Repubblica published reports about his father illegally expanding their childhood home in Pomigliano D’Arco.
California mass shooting leaves parents desperately waiting

California mass shooting leaves parents desperately waiting

Jason Coffman, father of a son who is missing after a mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, says he is hoping his son is alive and safe.

Mollie Tibbetts’ father decries ‘profoundly racist’ politicization of her death

The father of Mollie Tibbetts has spoken out against Donald Trump and other Republicans using his daughter’s death in support of “views she believed were profoundly racist”. Iowa conservative seeking to gain from Mollie Tibbetts case fails to make ballot Read more In an opinion piece for the Des Moines Register, Rob Tibbetts also said an op-ed for the same paper by the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, was “heartless” and “despicable”. The man charged in her death, 24-year-old Cristhian Bahena Rivera, is suspected of being in the US illegally. Rob Tibbetts wrote that while he supports debate on immigration, some politicians and pundits went too far in using his daughter’s death to promote political agendas. “Despite what some Democrats may wish in the depths of their hearts, Mollie was murdered by an illegal alien and her murder would never have happened if we policed our southern border properly,” the president’s son wrote. Recorded phone calls citing Mollie Tibbetts’ death in a push for white supremacist views began on Tuesday, just days after her funeral. The calls questioned whether his daughter would feel the same if she were still alive and describe Rivera as “an invader from Mexico”. Allow us to grieve in privacy and with dignity. At long last, show some decency. On behalf of my family and Mollie’s memory, I’m imploring you to stop.”

‘There’s a lot of negative energy’: Damian Marley on weed, politics and his father’s...

Even by Rasta standards, Damian Marley’s dreadlocks look incredible. They’re left flowing as he leaves for the House of Commons. He was brought up in a privileged area of Kingston called Stony Hill by his mother Cindy Breakspeare, a former Miss World and the subject of the Wailers song Is This Love?, and her husband Tom Tavares-Finson, a criminal attorney and politician. “My stepfather and my little brother and sister are white Jamaicans – I was the only one of brown complexion in the house that we were in. After he left school, he adopted his dad’s Rastafarian faith. There is a sliver of discomfort at how relentlessly his father’s image is marketed by his estate: not only the expected 40th-anniversary reissue albums and T-shirts but Bob Marley room spray, Bob Marley lip balm and Bob Marley Mellow Mood low-calorie raspberry tea lemonade. “I’m a fan of some of them and some of them … not so much.” He has other plans outside of making music. And that despite the fact he has never voted. Damian Marley is touring Europe until 31 August. His album Stony Hill is out now.

Jeb Bush Calls Father ‘Stronger Than an Ox,’ Talks Politics in RI

Steven Senne/AP Speaking to a crowd of students who peppered him with questions about Trump, Bush said he did not think the president was a "role model" Former Florida Gov. Bush mentioned the recent death of his mother, Barbara, and the hospitalization of his father in his opening remarks. He said the former president, who he called the "greatest man alive," is out of intensive care and will be leaving a Houston hospital on Friday. The elder Bush had contracted an infection that had spread to his blood. Without naming Trump, Bush spoke of a "big dog" and improving political discourse during the university lecture. "You're not a big dog if you disparage the disabled," he said. Bush said that while he is not a Trump fan, he is willing to commend the president if he finds a way to deal with conflict on the Korean peninsula. The former governor championed issues he is known for, including the expansion of charter schools and improvements on civic education. On other issues, he appeared to waver. He admitted his views have changed toward gun policies since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead.

Reflecting On Kansas City Politics, Civil Rights And Police Work, Alvin Brooks Is An...

He became one of Kansas City's few black officers in 1954. They moved to Kansas City when his adopted father killed a white man in 1933 in an argument over a moonshine still. Brooks’s father shot back through a thicket, killing the man. When the police brought Brooks and his friends over to the neighbor’s house, she said they had gotten the wrong group of boys. The police officers jumped in the car and left,” Brooks said. “The game was, ‘How fast could we eat before the manager came by and told me to get out?’” he said. From there, he worked in the Kansas City school district's Department of Urban Education. Elected twice to the Kansas City council, he served from 1999 to 2007 as the representative for the 6th District At-Large and as mayor pro-tem at the same time. Last year, he stepped down as police commissioner to serve on the school board of Hickman Mills. Jen Chen is associate producer for KCUR's Central Standard.