Sunday, February 5, 2023
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City Ink: Politics isn’t cookin’, so let’s turn to cookbooks

So, if you don’t like reading book reviews – although mine are great – go on to something else now, and we’ll pick back up with politics next week after Augusta commissioners hold a special called meeting to do what they couldn’t do a week ago because too many members were absent. From Dandelion Wine to Fuddled Peaches: While the rewards of recuperation are many, the best thing about it is going back to bed anytime you want to and reading until your book falls out of your hands and you’ve rolled over on your glasses and broken them and find yourself “in a place, a juxtaposition of inconclusiveness,” about what to do next, as Mayor Hardie Davis said about his pre-election promise to support the results of the James Brown Arena straw poll. I should read. You’d think that would be enough to keep her busy, but she wrote other books about Southern history. Show more... Each section begins with a short story of folklore and local history, such as “Savannah’s Waving Girl,” before the beverages section, which contains a recipe for dandelion wine calling for a gallon of dandelion flowers from which “every trace of stem from each flower” must be carefully removed. Also, if anybody out there has made dandelion wine, drunk dandelion wine or had a dandelion wine hangover, I’d like to know about it. There’s a recipe for Cordele Watermelon Pickles, Missionary Circle Six-Cup Salad and Cairo Collards. He writes an essay on the last page of Southern Living magazine every month. One chapter in the book is “A Ham Hock Don’t Call for Help” with recipes for “Pan-Roasted Pig’s Feet (With Homemade Barbecue Sauce).” The chapter “Bitter Weeds” has a recipe for “Poke Salad” that calls for the salad leaves to be boiled, drained and squeezed at least three times until the water stays perfectly clear. I’ve been too busy convalescing to get started on it.