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Governor Sununu Proves Republicans Can Defy Trump

The Story: Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) has shown no interest in fealty to former President Donald Trump. As it has for many other Republicans, this...

Gov. Chris Sununu (R – NH) Will Not Run for U.S. Senate Seat

The Story: Chris Sununu, who is now serving his third term as the Governor of New Hampshire, announced last week that he will not run...

How these 3 governors say we can overcome political polarization

On Monday, Judy Woodruff sat down with three governors trying to work across party lines: Larry Hogan, R-Md., Chris Sununu, R-N.H. and Tom Wolf, D-Pa. Read the Full Transcript Judy Woodruff: As Washington, D.C., feels more divided now than ever before, some leaders at the state level are aiming for something often unheard of in today's politics, common ground. But the governors also struck a hopeful note about the state of American politics. : You know, I know people are very frustrated. I'm frustrated, not just with Washington, but the divisive, angry politics. And I know a lot of people are ready to give up, and they say that the system is broken and that we can't do anything about it. Know what respect is, and practice it. And that should give people hope. The system really, really works. Judy Woodruff: Our conversation at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore also touched on the 20 presidential contests and speculation over Governor Hogan's own ambitions. And I'm flattered that people are talking about that as a possibility, but it's not something I'm focused on.

Margolis: Politics and preemptive strikes early in the session

It’s only the end of the second week of the 2019 legislative session, and politics is in the air, in the Statehouse corridors, and in the minds of both Democrats and Republicans. Both sides started the week with preemptive political strikes, while in the background officials, lawmakers, lobbyists and assorted hangers-on were already wondering whether Gov. Chittenden is heavily Democratic, so the making the whole county one Senate district is a great deal for Democrats, all but guaranteeing them six of the 30 senators. Ashe said he did not propose to change to a system in which no one district had more than three senators in order to stave off Republican criticism, and perhaps a court challenge. But he didn’t argue that the current system would provide Republicans with some potentially potent talking points. Scott and Sununu were both re-elected last November. But both houses of Sununu’s legislature flipped from Republican to Democratic majorities and both houses of Scott’s got even more Democratic than they were, possibly Democratic enough to override a veto. Scott vetoed a mandatory family medical leave bill last year. Sununu didn’t have to last year when his party ran the Legislature. Even if it doesn’t, voters like the idea.

New Hampshire win makes Molly Kelly 15th woman nominated by major US party

Democrat Molly Kelly, a former state senator, has won the Democratic nomination for New Hampshire governor, setting up a November showdown with the popular Republican incumbent, Chris Sununu. With her victory on Tuesday, Kelly becomes the 15th woman nominated by a major party for governor this primary season – a record. The previous high was set in 1994, when the parties nominated 10 women gubernatorial nominees. Democrats have nominated 11 women so far and Republicans four. Gains for women in US primaries set record, while 'right to work' is defeated Read more Kelly said she had been underestimated before. But Kelly faces an uphill battle in the famously purple state: he is among the most popular governors in the country. In New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district, executive councillor Chris Pappas won the Democratic nomination in an 11-way primary that included Bernie Sanders’ son, Levi Sanders. Pappas, a local party favorite who is serving his third term on the governor’s Executive Council, would make history as the state’s first openly gay representative in Congress if he is elected in November. In Rhode Island, governor Gina Raimondo is facing a strong challenge from the left by secretary of state Matt Brown. Raimondo has blue-chip endorsements from national Democrats, like Joe Biden, while Brown has the backing of the progressive group Justice Democrats.