Sunday, July 21, 2019
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What do voters make of Brexit now?

Almost three years ago the UK voted in favour of leaving the EU. Trouble is, voters themselves - including not least those who voted Leave - have become deeply critical of how the UK government has handled Brexit negotiations. However, as many as 80% of Leave voters now say that it has handled Brexit negotiations badly. Remarkably, Leave voters are now just as critical of the UK government's role as they are of the EU's: 79% of Leave supporters say the EU has handled Brexit badly. Will the UK get a good deal? As many as 66% of Leave supporters now believe that the UK is faced with a bad deal - even more than the 64% of Remain voters who express that view. Do UK voters still want to leave the EU? In part, this is because Leave voters are a little less likely to say they would vote the same way again (82%), than Remain voters are (86%). How young and old would vote on Brexit now Do people support another referendum? Some polls introduce the idea of another ballot as a "people's vote", or a "public vote" and do not make it clear that remaining in the EU would be an option.