Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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ESG Activists and ExxonMobil

The Story: Activists who use their ownership of stock in a corporation to push for changes in corporate policy for environmental, social, or good-governance reasons,...
Joe Biden Maintains Lead In Democratic Primary Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Biden’s Choice to Head the National Economic Council

The Story: President-elect Joe Biden has said that Brian Deese will direct the National Economic Council in a Biden administration. This is a blow to...

BlackRock’s Larry Fink rattles employees amid political posturing

Laurence “Larry” Fink, the founder and chief executive of BlackRock, recently told the firm’s 14,000 employees that he is instituting potentially the most aggressive diversity program in Corporate America ensuring that, “a bunch of white men”, will no longer be running the world’s largest money management firm. Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO, speech to employees The comments, obtained by FOX Business and confirmed by a BlackRock spokeswoman, come as Fink has ruffled feathers inside his company, as well as among some clients for embracing a number of progressive political causes and advocating what has been described as “corporate socialism” – a management concept that implores CEOs to run their companies in a way that doesn’t just benefit shareholders, but also “the communities in which they operate.” In his comments on diversity, Fink used surprisingly strident language and said executives could see their paychecks cut if they didn’t meet certain hiring goals, according to a text of his remarks. Fink, of course, isn’t the only CEO who supports progressive politics. To be sure, Corporate America and Wall Street in particular, have begun various programs and incentives for management to attract and retain more women and minorities to their executive ranks. From Bond Trader to Wall St.'s Soapbox Orator Fink, 66, has had a long and distinguished career on Wall Street, well before he became Wall Street’s most prominent soapbox orator. It is more recently that Fink's commentary – in public speeches, employee meetings and his annual “Letter to CEOs” – has taken a distinctly political turn. While Fink is said to be enjoying the spotlight, fashioning himself as the liberal conscience of Corporate America, competitors and many people inside BlackRock are less comfortable with his political commentary. “He’s just looking for publicity. He told employees that in 2019, BlackRock has achieved the highest percentage of women in the senior executive ranks, also known as managing directors. Women now comprise 56 percent of BlackRock’s new analyst class, and BlackRock has appointed five women to its board of directors.

Angela Merkel quits politics COMPLETELY: Party says she will NOT stand as Chancellor again

The German leader has also ruled out standing for a senior position within the EU with speculation growing she wants to quit politics completely. Angela Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union, suffered a 10 percent slump in the polls yesterday, to win just 28 percent of the vote in the central German state elections. CDU sources said Mrs Merkel has told her party she will not stand as a candidate for Chancellor or MP after 2021 but she has not announced what her long term plans are. During a CDU leadership meeting this morning, Mrs Merkel said she wanted to remain Chancellor until 2021. Mrs Merkel has been leader of the CDU since 2000, and Chancellor for 13 years, a period which has seen her dominate EU and world politics.. She has also ruled out running for a senior position in the European Union after the European parliament elections next year, members of her Christian Democrats (CDU) conservative party said. While Mr Merz is ready to put his name forward for CDU leader, Mrs Merkel's rumoured preferred successor is the party's secretary general Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer who has already announced her intention to stand. Mrs Merkel has suffered a series of regional election setbacks which have undermined her authority and last weekend's results from the western state of Hesse were the final blow which left her with no choice but to quit. They polled fourth with more than 13 percent of the vote in their first election since forming in 2013. "Secondly, this fourth term is my last as German chancellor. "At the federal election in 2021, I will not stand again as chancellor candidate, nor as a candidate for the Bundestag, and I won't seek any further political offices."