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Mission BBQ serving up patriotism across America

Mission BBQ serving up patriotism across America

Barbecue restaurant founders reveal the story behind their business model and make a donation to the USO on 'Fox & Friends.' FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political…

Voting while black: the racial injustice that harms our democracy

The catalyst for North Carolina’s assault was simple: black people had dared access their 15th amendment rights. Since 2000, African American voter registration had increased by 51.1% in the state, and blacks also had a higher voter turnout “rate than white registered voters in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections”. Effective black access to that public space, the voting booth, triggered, as the federal court noted, a targeting of African American voters “with almost surgical precision”. And, as Think Progress reported, the GOP slashed the number of early voting sites in Guilford county, which is nearly 30% African American, from “16 in 2012 to a single location” in 2016. There was a similar elimination of early voting sites in Mecklenburg county, home to the city of Charlotte and 15% of the state’s African American population. Similar to North Carolina, Indiana’s GOP realized how essential early voting was to black voter turnout. Once again, the targeting was clear. Only three counties in Indiana have more than 325,000 people and account for 72% of the state’s black population. Then, in 2014, Kemp put his crosshairs on the New Georgia Voter Project, an organization determined to register some of the 700,000 African Americans in the state who were not yet on the voter rolls. In 2016, pummeled by voter suppression in more than 30 states, the black voter turnout plummeted by 7%.

Politics with a side of BBQ! Join gubernatorial candidates in COS this weekend

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Make politics fun again? Our news partners at The Gazette, teaming up with Colorado Politics and El Pomar's Forum for Civic Advancement, want to try! Drawing inspiration from a centuries-old Swiss tradition, The Gazette, Colorado Politics and El Pomar are launching their first annual Colorado Civic Barbecue this coming weekend. The idea is to give political opponents and the citizens they hope to govern a chance to break bread together in between debates. Essentially the Swiss have turned election day into a party, with sausages, pastries, yodeling and an oompah band. Everyone who shows up gets a say on whatever issues the town faces. All you have to do in some cantons to demonstrate your eligibility to vote is to bring your sword, bayonet or sidearm. After a period of spirited face-to-face, open-air debate, major town decisions are made by a show of hands.-Excerpt from Gazette article Leave the swords at home, but otherwise those behind the barbecue hope to match our high-altitude cousins in merriment! The barbecue will boast bluegrass music, delicious food, and a chance to rub elbows with gubernatorial candidates. The barbecue will be sandwiched in between a Republican primary debate in the morning and a Democratic primary debate in the afternoon.