Sunday, September 20, 2020

McCain warns North Korean leader of ‘extinction’

McCain warns North Korean leader of ‘extinction’. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that the price of aggression is "extinction." "In other words, make sure that Kim Jong Un knows that if he acts in an aggressive fashion, the price will be extinction," McCain said on CNN's "State of The Union." The Senate Armed Services Committee chairman said the U.S. cannot allow Pyongyang to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal, saying he does not believe Kim is "rational." The Republican senator also said the Trump administration should continue to work with China to convince North Korea to "put the brakes on" its missile and weapons programs. "So far they have not," McCain said, referring to officials in Beijing. "The third option is ... missile defense," he said, making his case for the U.S. to take steps toward developing "capabilities to defend [South] Korea." McCain also stressed the importance of strengthening the nation's relations with its allies in the region including Japan and South Korea. His remarks come on the same day Reuters reported that Kim celebrated his country's latest nuclear test by honoring nuclear scientists, technicians, government officials and military officers. Following North Korea's latest nuclear test last week, the U.S. has renewed calls for additional international sanctions against the nation.

Rubio warns evacuees not to return to South Florida

Rubio warns evacuees not to return to South Florida. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) in an interview broadcast Sunday urged evacuees not to return to South Florida, warning Hurricane Irma will impact the entire state. “And we have a lot of people for example that left South Florida, that drove to Orlando, or Tampa who are now figuring out maybe I need to go back to Miami or something or Ft. Lauderdale or Palm Beach. This is no time to be on the road,” Rubio told CBS’s “Face the Nation. “This is a very unique storm because of its size and scope," he continued. "You usually are able to say that there's some safe place in the state that you can go to. In this particular case, virtually the entire state is being impacted by the storm.” Rubio’s comments come as Irma, a Category 4 hurricane, is making its way up the west coast of Florida. Millions of Floridians have been told to evacuate as the state braces for the storm.

Judd Gregg: The complex path to tax simplification

Everyone knows that the debt ceiling must be raised; that the government cannot be allowed to default on the debt; that the money has been spent; and that the money to pay for the spending must be borrowed. Next the president said, also out of the clear blue, that he would support a three-month extension of the debt limit and a three-month continuing resolution. One of the reasons Ryan supported a longer timeframe was that the three-month measures the president and the Democratic leadership have settled upon push the issue of a government shutdown to the end of the year. The Republican leadership could have used these relief bills as the vehicle on which to attach longer extensions. Of course, shutting the government down has never worked well for Republicans. Now, after the president’s agreement with the Democratic congressional leadership, the Republican congressional leadership must do the heavy lifting of tax reform at the same time as grappling with the debt ceiling and a need for a continuing resolution. A 2018 budget bill is necessary to kick off tax reform. It will be difficult to pass such a budget if the Congress has not figured out how to deal with the caps and sequester. As if all that were not enough, there is also the small matter of the Senate budget rules know as “pay go.” This essentially requires that the deficit not be increased over the ten-year budgeted period. Assuming the Congress is able to work through this winding thicket of procedural and substantive issues, it will arrive at the door to tax reform.

Weather Channel viewers spike during hurricane coverage

Weather Channel viewers spike during hurricane coverage. Concerns over recent hurricanes plaguing the U.S. have benefited the Weather Channel's viewership. The channel, which usually shows weather updates for areas across the country every ten minutes, averaged roughly 1.3 million primetime viewers during the first half of last week, according to The New York Times, which cites Nielsen ratings. That number is up from an average of 150,000 prime time viewers during the last week of July. The channel has featured continuous coverage of Hurricanes Irma over the past few week. The Times reported that Weather Channel employees have reportedly been working longer hours as well, while around 70 reporters and producers have been deployed to the field to cover Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Harvey inundated parts of Texas and Louisiana with rain last month, while Irma is currently threatening Florida. The Weather Channel is not the only media outlet that has made changes as the U.S. grapples with two major hurricanes. The Miami Herald and The Orlando Sentinel also dropped their paywalls as Irma made its way toward Florida. Several Texas papers also eliminated pay requirements during Harvey.

The Ideological Island of President Donald Trump

The Ideological Island of President Donald Trump. Recently, President Donald Trump made a “deal” with Capitol Hill Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. And ask yourself, who of you can raise your own debt ceiling allowing you to borrow more money to pay bills? We were going to fund the disaster relief for Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. The real issue that no one is assessing is that President Donald Trump finds himself on an ideological island. Sure, perhaps making the deal with Pelosi and Schumer was an endeavor to shame and embarrass Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The problem for President Trump is that populism works best when you are popular. President Trump said DACA has ended but gave Congress 90 days to develop a policy, then admitted that he may just keep it in place. And remember those rally cries of “build the wall” and who is going to pay for it? Of course, I want President Trump to be successful, but that means he needs an ideological core, a foundation, in order to manipulate the D.C. swamp of politics, policy, and procedure.

White House shares, deletes inaccurate ‘Hurricane Irma’ video

White House shares, deletes inaccurate 'Hurricane Irma' video. StumbleUpon White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr. shared and then deleted an inaccurate video he claimed was of Hurricane Irma on Sunday, as the storm continues to carry whipping winds and surging storms across the state of Florida. “Sharing [Hurricane Irma] on social media with [President Trump] and [Vice President Pence] hourly. STAY SAFE! Scavino later deleted the tweet from his account after Miami International Airport commented that the video was not of Hurricane Irma hitting Miami International Airport. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the deleted video. Irma made landfall as a Category 4 storm in the Florida Keys early Sunday, bringing a fierce rain storm to the state after wreaking havoc across the Caribbean islands. Sunshine State cities, particularly those on the west coast like Tampa, Sarasota and Fort Meyers, are bracing for a direct hit with some reports warning that their neighborhoods could become submerged under 15-foot high flood waters. The state ordered a record 6.3 million people to evacuate from coastal and southern areas, and opened more than 400 shelters. The storm has since dropped down to a Category 3 storm, according to reports.

Will The Far-Left Even Burn Our Founding Documents?

Will The Far-Left Even Burn Our Founding Documents?. For the 20 or so years I worked in and around Washington, D.C. – be it at the White House, the Pentagon, or in the private sector – once every few months for those two decades, I would set aside a few hours of my time to visit the National Archives and simply stare in wonder at the founding documents of the United States of America. Not surprisingly, the removal or destruction of our “Founding Documents” is now the ultimate target of a growing number of anarchists on the left. For some on the far-left it’s because many of our Founding Fathers who authored these documents were slave owners. For others on the far-left, it’s because many of our Founding Fathers were wealthy for their time. Knowing that to be the truth, does viewing that time period through the prism of 2017 invalidate the genius of our Founding Fathers? If a time machine were available, who would not want to go back to right the wrong of slavery and so many others? A dangerous and truly totalitarian reality created by some on the far-left – and encouraged by the silence of those who know better – which literally now screams at the top of its lungs with faces twisted by hate that the monuments, statues, names, and founding documents which catalog and memorialize the history – good and evil – of our nation, must now be torn down, sand-blasted, burned and never spoken again. Where does it stop? Which men and women of reason will speak up to stop this madness before it spirals out of control?

The True Conservatives Hype A Trumpocalypse In A Desperate Bid For Attention

You remember Establishment Conservatism, right? It is to conservatism as Unitarians are to Christianity – “Well, I sort of believe in something, but mostly I just want whatever I do validated.” Establishment Conservatism is the sect that promised for seven years to repeal Obamacare then…didn’t. View Cartoon And those of us who aren’t wrapped up in trying to salvage our relevance wondered, “Hmmm, it’s unusual he agreed with those two, but what’s so bad about putting off a fight that will inevitably lead to the Congressional GOP capitulating while getting our red state voters hurricane aid?” But see, we’re too dumb to understand that this was THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF EVER BECAUSE OF SOME REASON. “Oh no, Trump sold out everything conservatives believe in by delaying the GOP’s certain humiliation for three months! By the way, I have yet to get an answer to my question, and gosh, I’m thinking that might be because there was no great plan for victory in the debt ceiling fight. Get a hold of yourself – I know it’s shocking to hear that the Congressional GOP might blindly stumble into a debt ceiling fight and end up in a humiliating defeat, but that’s the kind of wacky, out-of-the-box thinking I’m all about. Note that the Congressional GOP was so upset about this compromise that it passed it in a day. Trump nominated a bunch of new conservative judges this week (though the president has yet to win a yuge victory by nominating the great Don Willett). Did you hear about that from the Tru Cons? And gee – that six months phase out ends right after the debt ceiling fight comes back.

A Chance for Congress to Get its Mojo Back

A Chance for Congress to Get its Mojo Back. For years, legislators have allowed presidents to push the limits of executive power, bypassing Congress on issues ranging from warrantless wiretaps to health care subsidies. Unexpectedly, Trump has just handed them a chance to reclaim lost ground. It offered to protect 1 million or so young people from deportation and allow them to work legally, so long as they stayed out of trouble, finished school, and registered with the government. He claimed he had to take "action to change the law" by executive order because Congress had failed to pass a bill (the proposed DREAM Act) that would do so legislatively. An overwhelming 76 percent of voters, say DACA enrollees should be allowed to stay legally in the United States; only 15 percent want them deported. Even among self-identified Trump voters, two-thirds think Dreamers should stay. That's exactly what Congress should do. Trump used to say he would end DACA the way Obama created it: unilaterally. For years, lawmakers of both parties have fumed as presidents have gotten away with wielding power unilaterally.

‘The Mayor’ Mixes Politics, Community and Laughs at PaleyFest Fall TV Previews

‘The Mayor’ Mixes Politics, Community and Laughs at PaleyFest Fall TV Previews. Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock New ABC comedy “The Mayor” debuts next month, and tells a story about community and friendship, with music playing a central role. Co-stars Yvette Nicole Brown, Lea Michele, Brandon Micheal Hall, Bernard David Jones, Marcel Spears, and executive producer Jeremy Bronson talked about how the show came together. “People are engaged. This show is fundamentally about the growth of a boy into a man, and a man into a leader.” The comedy tells the story of Courtney Rose (Hall) an aspiring rapper, who enters the mayoral race in his small town, almost as a joke. When he wins the election, he has to figure out how to do the job. Michele’s Valentina steps in to be his chief of staff and Michele said, “Courtney leads with his heart. Valentina is the brains. He figures it out as he goes along. We have to do what we can for our community because the people in Washington, D.C., may not do it.” Music also has an integral role in the show, and executive producer Daveed Diggs is composing original raps that will be incorporated into each episode.