Saturday, July 20, 2019

Jeff Bezos Chooses Soon-to-Be Bankrupt Mar-a-Lago as New Amazon Headquarters

SEATTLE (The Borowitz Report)—Stating that he expected the property to be “bankrupt and vacant within the next two years,” Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, announced on Thursday that the Mar-a-Lago club, in Palm Beach, Florida, would be the site of Amazon’s second headquarters. Bezos said that Mar-a-Lago was chosen from a list of soon-to-be-bankrupt properties, including the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, Trump Turnberry, and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Amazon C.E.O. said that, after Amazon acquires Mar-a-Lago, the company will start working around the clock to remove the property’s hideous décor, which he fears could prove distracting to warehouse employees. At Mar-a-Lago, a longtime employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, welcomed the Amazon move, stating, “This is one of the only places in the world where workplace conditions would improve if Amazon came in.” Another Mar-a-Lago employee, raising a question shared by many others, asked, “Does this mean we’ll start getting paid?” If the Mar-a-Lago deal goes through, it would mark the first appearance of books in that location, Amazon confirmed.

Judge Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments When Visiting the Gadsen Mall

JAMES LAWLER DUGGAN / Reuters 1. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Thou shall covet thy neighbor’s daughter, especially that one who works the register at Bath & Body Works after school lets out. Thou shall park way over at the Walmart so the overzealous mall cops won’t “run the plate” again. Thou shall fill thy pockets with bountiful gift certificates to Justice, Aeropostale, Forever 21 and Claire’s. Speaking of which, why isn’t there a store called “Forever Under 21”? Between the cellphone case bejewler kiosk and Bath & Body Works thou shall brandish a bag full of Wetzel’s Pretzel Pizza Bitzes and moan, “Oh, these Wetzel’s Pretzel Pizza Bitzes are so delicious but I can’t possibly finish all these alone.” 7. Thou shall renew thy subscription to Seventeen to stay up on fresh lines like, “Hey, bae, where’s the rest of your squad?” 8. Why isn’t there a magazine called Under Seventeen? Breath mints.

El Chapo Says He Is Victim of Phony Witch Hunt

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—In his first interview since being found guilty on all counts in his U.S. trial, the Mexican drug lord Joaquín (El Chapo) Guzmán called himself the victim of a “phony witch hunt.” The former cartel leader made his blistering comments in a phone call to the television program “Fox & Friends,” whose hosts appeared surprised that he had somehow gained access to a phone and was able to get through to them. “It was a phony witch hunt,” El Chapo said, of his trial. “It was a phony, rigged witch hunt, and the charges against me were fake news and a disgrace.” Questioned whether he had worked in concert with other drug lords to bring narcotics into the United States, El Chapo said, “There was no collusion. And there was no evidence of collusion, because there was no collusion.” But the former drug kingpin reserved his harshest words for the F.B.I. and its former director James Comey. “Lying and leaking Jim Comey is a showboat and a disaster,” he said. Asked to give his impression of the American justice system, El Chapo said, “I think it’s very bad when someone like me, who is running a business and creating jobs and helping the economy, is harassed and treated unfairly. I think it’s a disgrace and, frankly, very sad.”

Pence Begs Trump Not to Make Him Sit Next to Woman at State of...

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Vice-President Mike Pence has begged Donald J. Trump not to make him sit next to a woman during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, sources confirmed on Monday. According to those sources, an emotional Pence came close to breaking down in tears as he explained that being seated next to a woman other than his wife was a violation of his personal code of behavior. Pence offered Trump a variety of solutions to the problem, including introducing a third chair between him and the woman where his wife, Karen Pence, could be seated for the duration of the speech, “to make sure that that woman doesn’t try anything.” “Let Mother sit next to me, or let me sit on Mother’s lap, but don’t make me sit next to that woman alone,” Pence reportedly sobbed. According to those with knowledge about the meeting, Trump was less than receptive to Pence’s impassioned plea. “God, Mike, you’re such a loser,” he reportedly said.

Americans Relieved to Learn That Trump Spends Sixty Per Cent of Time Not Using...

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A leak of Donald J. Trump’s official White House schedule has left millions of Americans deeply relieved that Trump spends approximately sixty per cent of each day not using his powers as President. In conversations across the country, Americans called the revelation that Trump devotes the majority of his day to “executive time,” a euphemism for watching TV and checking Twitter, the most reassuring news out of the White House in months. “Like most of the people I know, the idea of Donald Trump sitting behind his desk doing things that affect the country has me in a state of mortal terror,” Carol Foyler, a resident of Minneapolis, said. “Just knowing that he’s spending sixty per cent of his time doing basically nothing makes me feel somewhat better.” Harland Dorrinson, who lives in Detroit, agreed that it was “great news that Trump is only President forty per cent of the time” but called on the entertainment industry to create more diverting programming that might distract Trump for a larger portion of his day. “It would be fantastic if we could push the sixty per cent of his day that he does nothing up to seventy or even eighty per cent,” he said. “Maybe someone could come up with a podcast that he could get into.” But Tracy Klugian, a Baltimore resident, said that the leak of Trump’s schedule did little to allay her darkest fears. “Until I find out that he’s spending a hundred per cent of his time not being President, I won’t sleep at night,” she said.

Daily Mail stockpiling Jeremy Corbyn smears in the event of a no-deal Brexit

The Daily Mail has revealed they’ve been forced to stockpile slurs against Jeremy Corbyn to prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, smears against Corbyn may dry up – forcing the Daily Mail to stockpile as many as possible now. ‘We love the idea of a no-deal Brexit, but it could seriously affect our supply of spurious stories and half-truths against Jeremy Corbyn. That’s why we’ve taken the proper measures to build up as big a reserve as possible, just in case,’ said Daily Mail editor Geordie Greig. The Daily Mail has claimed they already have a reserve of 100 smear stories to use against Corbyn and they hope to double that figure by the end of the month. ‘This is our top priority at this time,’ confessed the editor. Current smears stockpiled include ‘Corbyn dined on falafel with Hans Gruber just hours before Nakatomi terror plot’, ”Illegal immigrant claims Corbyn let her live in his scruffy beard for five years’ and ‘Jeremy Corbyn causes cancer.’

Jacob Rees-Mogg deported to the US after discovery he was born in West Philadelphia

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been deported back to the USA after immigration officials discovered he was actually born and raised in West Philadelphia. Investigators are claiming that Jacob Rees-Mogg was actually born ‘Jay Reezy’ on the mean streets on West Philly. After getting in one particularly scary fight when a hoodlum gave him an aeroplane spin, Reezy was sent to live with his more affluent auntie and uncle in Britain. It was at this time that Jay Reezy developed his Jacob Rees-Mogg persona and created a fictional background for himself. While the original move from the US to the UK was done legally, Rees-Mogg failed to obtain a permanent visa for himself which has resulted in his deportation. Rees-Mogg will return to his old stomping grounds in West Philadelphia and will spend his time chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and shooting some b-ball outside of the school while he contemplates his next move. It’s thought that some within the Conservative Party knew of Rees-Mogg’s illegal status as several members repeatedly referred to him as the ‘Fresh Prince of Bellend’.

Trump Comes Out Strongly Against Intelligence

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Using some of his harshest rhetoric in recent memory, President Donald J. Trump came out strongly against intelligence on Wednesday morning. “I’ve listened to these people with so-called intelligence go on and on, and, quite frankly, it’s a waste of time,” he said. “I know a lot more than people with intelligence do.” Trump added that he has stopped receiving intelligence briefings at the White House, arguing, “I can do my job without any intelligence whatsoever.” He said that he has chosen, instead, to seek advice from his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and from his elder children, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald, Jr. “You won’t find a trace of intelligence in anything they say,” he boasted. At a briefing for the White House press corps, the President’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, denied that Trump’s war on intelligence was a new development. “Intelligence has never played a role in Donald Trump’s life,” she said.

Trump Furious that F.B.I. Not Stopped By Shutdown

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A furious Donald Trump told reporters on Friday morning that it was “a total disgrace” that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had apparently not been affected by the government shutdown. Trump, who appeared agitated and was gripping his television remote as he spoke on the White House lawn, said that he had been under the impression that F.B.I. agents had been furloughed and were not going to work. “You have people across the country, in national parks and places like that, who are not at work, and somehow the F.B.I. is working around the clock?” Trump said. “I think it’s a total disgrace. It’s a sick situation.” Trump said that he would call an emergency meeting of his Cabinet to “get some answers” about why the F.B.I. was working during the shutdown. “Let’s say you were trying to leave the country in a hurry with your family—would the F.B.I. be at the airport to stop you?” he asked.

Dems Agree to Fund Wall and Reopen Government If Trump Leaves Country Forever

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a bold initiative aimed at ending the shutdown, congressional Democrats on Thursday agreed to fund a border wall and reopen the government if Donald Trump leaves the country forever. Calling the deal “a huge win for America,” the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said that Trump would get the wall he wanted plus the opportunity to do something “incredibly patriotic” for his country. Pelosi brushed aside criticism of the offer’s 5.7-billion-dollar price tag, telling reporters, “When you consider what we are getting in return, nine trillion dollars would be a bargain.” But, even as Pelosi touted the offer, some details remained unresolved, such as finding a country willing to accept Trump. Although Russia has a practice of providing country houses to former leaders such as Nikita Khrushchev and Boris Yeltsin, it is unclear whether Trump’s two years of service to the Kremlin qualify him for such accommodations. The White House offered no official response to the Democrats’ offer, but Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani gave it a full-throated endorsement during an appearance on CNN. “He should absolutely take this deal,” Giuliani said. “I mean, if he stays in the country, he’s probably going to prison.”