Health: How Did Bob Saget Die?

The Story:

Bob Saget, a popular actor who starred in Full House on ABC from 1989 to 1997, died January 9 in his room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando, Florida. In general terms the cause of his death is clear: he suffered a head trauma the previous night and died in his sleep, in bed. But when one looks at the particulars, mystery is hiding within that consensus.


Within days after Saget’s death, there was a fair amount of discussion over how much of a bump he had received. Some commentators suggested he could merely have bumped his head against a table or bedstand in his room, gone to sleep unworried about the effects, and died of a subdural hemorrhage.

Some people, including some doctors, found this explanation inadequate, because the injuries reported to Saget’s head seemed more severe than the consensus account could explain.  There were severe fractures to the back of the head and around his eyes.

In Pill Form:

Whatever exactly happened in room 962, Saget’s death has reminded people that no head injury is to be taken lightly. If you, dear reader, ever have an accident that involves banging your head against any hard object, especially if you pass out (however briefly) or have any vomiting, please get yourself immediate medical attention, in an ER or otherwise. Thank you.


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