Redistricting in Georgia may cost prominent gun control advocate a seat in the House

The Story:

Redistricting, based on the 2020 census, has hit the State of Georgia. This new Census will not result in any change in the representation of Georgia in the House: it had 14 seats on the basis of the 2010 census and it will still have 14 seats. But the district lines will have to change, and Georgia’s politicians have until March 7, 2022 to decide what the new lines will look like.

Why It Matters:

The Republican majority has redrawn the lines so as to create nine districts out of the 14 in which their party has a decided advantage. More specifically, the 6th district, amidst the northern suburbs of Atlanta, has been redrawn to push its center of gravity further north, out from the City, and out from the base of its incumbent representative, Lucy McBath (D).

McBath is aware of the fact that the map targets her. She has already indicated that she will not run for re-election in the reconfigured 6th district. Instead, she will run for election in the 7th district, which will remain Democrat-Party friendly.

The Thing to Know:

McBath’s fate matters to the rest of the country largely because she has become an important figure in debates over gun ownership and gun control. For example, Rep. McBath appeared in the 2015 documentary film The Armor of Light, on gun violence in America. Advocates of a broad understanding of the 2d amendment will likely approve if the new map helps to remove her from the House.



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