West Virginia to Lose a Seat in the House over 2020 Census

The Story:

Figures from the 2020 census indicate that West Virginia’s population growth is significantly slower than average for U.S. states. As a consequence, it must lose a seat in the House. It must turn its three-district map into a two-district map. This means a loss for the Republican Party, because all three of the incumbent Congresspeople from the Mountain State are Republicans.


Carol Miller, David McKinley and Alex Mooney have all said that they want re-election in 2022. Given the state’s need to redistrict, they can’t all get it.

McKinley represents the northern part of the state (1st district), which includes Morgantown and Parkersburg.

Mooney represents the 2d district, which occupies a winding path through the middle of the state including the capital, Charleston, also including the state’s eastward-stretching arm, which ends near Charles Town.

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