Campaign to become the next Mayor of Boston

The Story:

Bostonians will vote on Tuesday, Nov. 2, for the next Mayor of Boston. This is a run-off, so the city is choosing between the two top vote-getters from the September round: Annissa Essaibi George and Michelle Wu, each city councilors.


It has become conventional to describe George as the “moderate” candidate in this race, and Wu as the “progressive.” George has the endorsement of a former Boston police chief, William G. Gross, the head of a “super PAC.”

A PAC, or “political action committee” is an organization recognized in U.S. tax and campaign law that pools the money of contributors to political candidates or causes. A “Super PAC” is a PAC that aids campaigns “independently,” for example by funding television advertisements in favor of a particular candidate or against its opponent, without coordinating with the candidate they favor.

The Thing to Know:

George and Wu have worked together on the city council. Early this year, they partnered up on proposing paid sick leave for any municipal employees who felt ill after receiving a dose of a Covid vaccine. But the two disagreed on some Covid-related issues. In particular, Wu supports mandatory vaccination of all city workers, George does not.


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