Dominion Machines and a Trump Campaign Memo

The Story:

Dominion Voting Systems Corp., a Canadian-American company that sells voting machines and related hardware and software, became the target of a lot of conspiracy theorizing within Donald Trump’s inner circle in the final weeks of his Presidency. Now a new memo has turned up, produced by Trump campaign officials, suggesting that they knew from very early on that the key claims were false. Either the memo was never seen by anyone within the President’s inner circle, or the theorizing was actually just … lying.


On a television show on November 13, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said that she could “hardly wait to put forth all the evidence we’ve collected on Dominion, starting with the fact it was created to produce altered voting results in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez and then [the machines were] shipped internationally.” The theorists also generally linked Dominion with an election software company, Smartmatic.

The Thing to Know:

A memo produced by the staff of the Trump campaign — it is dated November 14 so presumably it was nearing completion as Powell spoke the above quoted words — makes it clear that the staff understood (1) that Dominion did not use Smartmatic technology in the 2020 election, (2) Dominion had no direct ties to Venezuela and Chavez, (3) despite another common claim — there was no evidence Dominion was connected to “antifa” activists.

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