Pro-Trump Forces Consolidating in Wyoming

The Story:

Liz Cheney (R-Wyo), a key “never Trump” figure within the Republican Party, and the daughter of Dick Cheney, who was Vice President in the early years of this millennium, is up for re-election next year. In order to be re-elected, she will first have to be re-nominated, and she faces a good deal of intra-party opposition from admirers of former President Trump.


The population of Wyoming is small, below 600 thousand people. Accordingly, Wyoming is allowed only to have one seat in the House. This, then, is an “at large” seat. Cheney won it in 2020 with more than 68% of the vote.

Republican nomination virtually secures election. There hasn’t been a Democratic Congressman from this seat since the 1970s.

The Thing to Know:

Until quite recently, it appeared that the primary for the Republican nomination might include several different pro-Trump candidates. That caused some concern in Trumpist circles: the fear was that the Trump admirers would split their votes, allowing Cheney to win re-nomination and continue to champion her anti-Trump views as a Republican and a Congresswoman.

To avoid that, they have consolidated. In recent days, three important candidates have dropped out and announced their support of Harriet Hageman, who has become the definitive pro-Trump voice tasked with taking on Cheney.


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