The “Cyber Ninjas” Disappoint Again

The Story:

What is known loosely as an “audit” of the votes of Maricopa County (the county in Arizona that includes Phoenix) and which is intended as a re-examination of the 2020 election, especially the Presidential election, began in April 2021 at the instigation of the Arizona Senate Republican caucus. The presiding figure of the audit is Doug Logan, a Trump supporter who uses a corporate alter ago called “Cyber Ninjas.”

Missed Deadlines:

The Cyber Ninja audit was at first expected to be a rapid affair, complete by the end of June. Yet there has been no wrap-up or final report: whatever “auditing” the Maricopa County results actually means to Mr Logan continued unabated through July and August.

More recently, there was a fair amount of excitement around Monday, August 23. At this point at last Logan and the other ninja/auditors were expected to make their report.

The Thing to Know:

There was no report on August 23. A press release issued that day from the state senate president, Karen Fann, said that no conclusions are ready because Mr Logan and two other members of his team “have tested positive for Covid-19 and are quite sick.”

It is impossible to avoid the sense that Covid-19 is here serving in the role of the classic homework-chomping dogs who apparently hang around schools.

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