Health: Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Gets Full FDA Approval

The Story:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has (on August 23) granted full approval to the Pfizer Inc./BioNTech SE COVID-19 vaccine, a two-dose regimen that had been accorded a more tentative “emergency use” authorization in December 2020.


Many vaccine skeptics have been making a point, for months, out of the fact that the FDA has approved Pfizer, and two other vaccines, only for emergency use.

For example, on August 4, 2021 a Christian ministry website, “Liberty Counsel,” argued that since the Covid shots do not have full approval from the FDA, they are experimental drugs, and any sort of mandate that people participate in a medical experiment is a violation of international law.

In Pill Form:

There is a general consensus that full approval for the Moderna regimen (also a two-shot system) will follow in a matter of weeks. Johnson & Johnson, with its one-and-done dose, is lagging behind Moderna in terms of the processing of its application for such approval.

There will surely continue to be vaccine resisters and some of them will continue to argue that vaccine mandates are tyranny. Some will invoke the Nazi analogy because … why not? But the FDA’s decision regarding Pfizer will force those resisters to move their polemical goal posts.

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