Greitens (R) Mounts a Comeback in Missouri

The Story:

Eric Greitens was elected Governor of Missouri in 2016 and inaugurated the following January. He resigned in June 2018, in the midst of a lurid scandal involved accusations of sexual assault and blackmail. Though a related criminal charge was brought, it was dismissed. Now Greitens is staging a comeback into the Missouri limelight, seeking his party’s nomination for the US Senate seat now occupied by Roy Blunt (R), who is retiring.


Greitens, like Blunt, is for the most part a predictable conservative Republican in hs policy views. There are surprises, though, in his record. Among his last actions as Governor: he signed a bill allowing businesses in the state to grow and harvest hemp, and he signed onto expanded medicaid coverage for new mothers battling addiction.

The Thing to Know:

Greitens’ campaign for Senator will be well funded. He has the support of Richard Uihlein, who has donated $2.5 million to Greitens’ political action committee. Uihlein can afford it. With his wife Elizabeth he founded a shipping supplies company in 1980, and it is now one of the largest privately-held companies in the country. Bloomberg has estimated the couples’ net worth at around $4 billion.

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