New York City’s Mayoral Primary

The Story:

The raw votes have been cast in the New York City Democratic Party’s primary to determine the party’s candidate for mayor. Given the lopsided nature of the two-party rivalry in that city, these votes are very likely to determine the next mayor. Unfortunately, given the complicated system of tabulation involved in the “ranked choice voting” system used: it may be some time yet before the world knows who won.


The large field  of 13 candidates, broke down roughly into the “center left” on the one and and the left without adjective on the other. Th center left candidates identify with President Biden and Speaker Pelosi on the national stage, the left candidates identify more with Senator Sanders and the so-called “squad” in the House, on the other.

It appears likely at this point that, when the necessary tabulations are done, the winner will be Eric Adams. If that holds up, this will be a win for the center left over the full left.

The Thing to Know:

Adams, an African-American, is a retired police officer who attained the rank of Captain. He has, as one might expect, been unimpressed by the “defund the police” sloganeering of some to his left.So, presumably, are those New York Democrats who just voted for a former Police Captain for Mayor.

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