Andrew Giuliani is Running for Governor (NY)

The Story:

The incumbent Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo (D) will likely receive the nomination of his party next year to run for a fourth term in that office. Yet he is at the center of several scandals, some relating to his handling of the pandemic in that state, others arising out of charges of personal misconduct.  So he is regarded as vulnerable, and that has made the Republican nomination to oppose him especially valuable. One of the announced candidates for that, as of last week, is another Andrew from a dynastic political family: Andrew Giuliani.


The last Republican to win a Gubernatorial election in New York was George Pataki. In 1994, Pataki defeated Mario Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo’s father, who was then seeking his own fourth term.

The Thing to Know:

Andrew Giuliani graduated from Duke University in 2005 with majors in sociology and management. He spent the following five years as a professional golfer before securing a job in the Trump administration. He has been derisively referred to as the former President’s “golfing buddy” and his lack of qualifications off the golf course will be the target of critiques during both the primary season next year and, should he get further, the general election campaign.

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