Dominion’s Defamation Lawsuits

The Story:

Dominion Voting Systems Corp., a Canadian-American company that sells voting machines and related hardware and software, was the target of a lot of conspiracy theorizing from November 2020 through January. The theories held that Dominion was part of an international conspiracy to steal the election from former President Trump, and that it had used its voting software to flip missions of votes from Trump to Joseph Biden. Dominion has consistently said the claims are all false, and now it is pursuing lawsuits against several of those it blames for the spread of these defamatory claims.


Dominion’s director of product strategy, Eric Coomer, has been doxxed: that is, his personal address, and the addresses of his parents and siblings, have been posted on-line, Soon after this happened, Coomer had to go into hiding. Dominion has filed lawsuits against Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, One America News Network, and Fox News.

The Thing to Know:

US constitutional law makes it difficult to win a defamation claim against a “public figure.” The course of these lawsuits may well depend on whether the courts designate Dominion a public figure. In the meantime: some comic relief has been provided by Sidney Powell’s claim that the lawsuit should be dismissed because she could not have caused Dominion reputational damage, since “no reasonable person” would believe her accusations were “truly statements of fact.”

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