Health: Vaccine Eligibility is Widening

The Story:

The various vaccines approved for use in the United States have by now been entered into the arms of an impressive number of Americans. Further, the eligibility (the numbers of those who are allowed to stand in line for shots if they haven’t had them yet) is likewise expanding.

One example:

The state of Wisconsin will serve as one patch in the patchwork of eligibility expansions.

The first doses of vaccine began arriving in Wisconsin in December, at that point in a trickle. They were at first reserved for front-line medical workers. Later, people aged 65 and up became eligible. Still later, teachers and some other demographically narrow groups were included.

On Thursday, March 11, the state’s health department announced new rules, which add another 2 million state residents to the ranks of the Covid-vaccine eligible on the basis of their affliction by pre-existing conditions that render then more vulnerable to serious injury or death as a consequence of a Covid infection.

In Pill Form:

President Joseph Biden has said that there will be enough vaccine for anyone who wants it by the end of May. The state health officials of Wisconsin are not quite that optimistic, but they do expect Wisconsin will get to that happy point around the end of June.

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