Health: Biotech and Aging

The Story:

The attention of many biologists and medical researchers (and their investors) has turned of late to the aging process itself. For example, Elastrin Therapeutics is a biotech startup developing therapeutics that may render calcified tissues and organs supple again: that is, they might be able to reverse processes integral to aging as our species has always understood it.


Calcification is the accumulation of body salts. This is part of the formation of bone. It is also, especially for mature people, a process that can afflict soft tissue, rendering it bone-like. The formation of kidney and gall stones is an example. But Elastrin is focused on the calcification of the tissue of the heart and arteries, where reversal of aging could remove conditions that often facilitate heart attacks.

In Pill Form:

Elastrin is headquartered in South Carolina, and some of its key talent is affiliated with Clemson University. Its CEO, Dr. Matthias Breugelmans, said in a recent news release, “Nobody wants to live forever in an old and sick body, but we do want to live long in a healthy one.” Elastrin has received seed capital from Kizoo Technology, a venture capital firm in Berlin, Germany.

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