March 4th Passed Quietly in Washington

 The Story:

On inauguration day this year, January 20, many adherents of a cultic group known as “QAnon” expected that the ceremony would turn into a “mass arrest event.” They believed that their inside source in the corridors of power, “Q,” was telling them that Donald Trump had arranged to have the President and Vice-President elect and perhaps hundreds of their supporters arrested on live television to unleash a “storm” that would cleanse the world of pedophilia. It didn’t happen. But that is just the beginning of our story.


Chatter on social media sites indicates that, when it became clear the mass arrest event was not going to happen and that Biden had been inaugurated, a new theory quickly took hold. March 4 had been the inauguration day for much of American history, into the 1930s. So QAnon cultists surmised that their hero, President Trump, was biding his time until that day, when he would restore that as the real inauguration day as part of making America Great again, and re-install himself as the real President, imprisoning the phonies and unleashing the storm.

The Thing to Know:

Authorities were concerned that QAnon cultists would attempt some show of force on March 4, in connection with this event. But the day passed peacefully. Though some QAnon-ists will no doubt continue the mental gymnastics and goal-post-moving, we may allow ourselves some hope that, as a movement, QAnon is now deservedly on the decline.

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