Health: The Pandemic and Frozen Foods

The Story:

One hypothesis about the origins of the novel coronavirus pandemic, one that has been receiving favorable attention within the People’s Republic of China for months but very little credence in the rest of the world, involves frozen foods. Is it possible that frozen foods, imported into China, could have carried the virus, either via the food itself or the packaging, in ways that allowed for an outbreak in the Wuhan area in late 2019?


The predominant theories in much of the rest of the world have been (a) a start, viciously or accidentally, at the biological laboratory in the city of Wuhan, or (b) a natural jump among species, perhaps from a bat to an intermediate species in a wet market, thence to a human consumer. China has come under a good deal of international criticism on the premise that one of these views is valid. The government’s response to this criticism has been to point the arrow of fault outward.

In Pill Form:

In general, this frozen-food explanation seems unlikely. There is, after all, no evidence of any outbreaks anywhere before the one in (interior) China in December 2019. If the virus had been imported into China in frozen food, where had it been hiding before then? Why had there been no outbreaks in that other, exporting, country?


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