Long-Delayed New York 22d Race Decided at Last

The Story:

The contested campaign for the Congressional seat for New York’s 22d District gave rise to a long-running saga of razor-tight counts and litigation. But that saga has at last found its end, with the victory of Claudia Tenney (R) over the incumbent, Representative Anthony Brindisi (D).


The 22d district is a rural constituency that includes Rome, Utica, and Johnson City. One end touches Lake Ontario, the other end borders Pennsylvania.

Tenney is in most matters a “central casting” conservative. For example, she has firmly supported President Trump’s decision to have the US leave the Paris Climate Accord, and will almost certainly oppose President Biden’s desire to restore US participation.

On Friday, February 5, 2021, a judge held that Tenney should be certified the winner. Though she won by an incredibly narrow margin (109 votes), she did win.

The Thing to Know:

Tenney’s win in 2020/21 means that there are still 222 Democrats in the House, and that there are now 213 Republicans. In simple arithmetical terms, this means that if the Republican caucus holds together on a given disputed matter, and if every member votes, the Republicans need just five cross-over Democratic votes to prevail.



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