Health: Lockdowns Catalyze the Growth of Telemedicine

The Story:

The Covid-19 pandemics, and the various rules and lockdowns it has inspired, have in turn brought about an explosion of telemedicine, the use of video conferencing and mobile apps to allow patients to maintain and improve their health without having to travel to an office, clinic, or hospital.


Telemedicine will of course never take the place of in-person care. Sometimes the healer and the ill just have to be in the same place! But it is now clear that the possibilities are greater than would have been imagined as recently as a year ago.

Hims & Hers Health Inc., which was launched in November 2017, was in the right (cyber)place at the right time. It is an online platform that connects consumers with the relevant healthcare professionals for numerous conditions including mental health, sexual health, and dermatology. This month it went public (NYSE: HIMS).

In Pill Form: 

The licensing and regulation of medicine and pharmaceuticals in the US has been a matter chiefly left to the states. In several states, recently laws have eased the way for telemedicine, for example by prohibiting Medicaid from specifying originating sites for coverage. Also, the growth of telemedicine has added to the case for the expansion of broadband in rural areas.

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