It’s Official: Joseph Biden is President of the United States

The Story:

After an extraordinary two weeks of security preparations following the Capitol Hill riot on the day Congress counted the electoral votes, and in the absence of the outgoing President (who had left for Florida that morning), Joseph Biden was sworn in, as the 46th President of the United States shorty after noon on Wednesday, January 20.


Pursuit of the Presidency has been part of Biden’s life since at the latest June 1987, when he announced his first campaign for that office. That campaign soon ran into trouble when Biden was found to have lifted sizeable parts of a speech, without credit, from a British Labour Party politician. That was worsened when he was discovered to have made several exaggerated claims about his earlier life and achievements. He bowed out gracefully that September, 14 months before the 1988 Presidential election.

Abortive though it was, this campaign may have had some value to him as a feet-wetting exercise.

The Thing to Know:

Biden has built a reputation, over decades, as a boring workhorse of a legislator. Even his scandals have an aura of ‘boring’ to them. (Plagiarism??). After the excessive excitement of the Trump years, the boring workhorse has a sort of charm. We will see how it works for a President.


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