Health: Sobering Pandemic Statistics

The Story:

The numbers associated with the Covid-19 in the United States, in particular the numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, have increased at unnerving speed in recent weeks. Two holidays that have long been associated in the culture of the US with family get-togethers, Thanksgiving and Christmas, have produced a lot of traveling, despite the warnings of the public health officials, and this — the traveling and the convivial gatherings themselves — have received the blame.


According to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center, there have as of this writing been more than 22 million Covid-19 cases in the United States, and more than 370 thousand confirmed deaths. According to the Covid Tracking Project, a volunteer organization created by The Atlantic Monthly Group, collating public health data from around the country, one week into January 2021 there were close to 711 thousand patients hospitalized in the US due to the pandemic.

In Pill Form:

Not everyone believes these statistics. But, confronted by such skepticism, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious diseases experts, suggested that skeptics should go “out into the trenches, go into the hospitals” to see for themselves. Institutions are running out of available beds, and running short on not-yet-exhausted trained personnel.

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