Congressional Challenge to the Electoral College Votes

The Story:

In what is an extremely rare development, some of the pro-Trump diehards in the House and Senate are seeking to turn what is usually a ceremonial occasion — Congress’ official receipt of the votes of the electoral college and a declaration of the winner in the November election — into a challenge to the legitimacy of the electors from the key (“battleground”) states. As of this writing, it appears certain that effort will be defeated later today. This will likely be the last formal opportunity for any challenge to Joseph Biden’s win before his inauguration in two weeks.


Over the weekend, President Trump made an ill-advised call to the Secretary of State of Georgia, and asked him bluntly to “find” 11,780 new votes, just enough to change the Georgian election in Trump’s favor. But that official, Brad Raffensperger declined, denying that there was any legal or factual basis for a recalculation of the vote on Georgia’s part. Several news organizations obtained the tape on Sunday, and the resulting coverage confirmed a growing sense that Trump’s resistance to the Biden win has gone on too long already.

The Thing to Know:

As Noah Rothman wrote in Commentary Monday, Trump’s resistance to the Biden victory has had the air of a “half-baked usurpation.” With the Congressional ratification of the electors’ votes by this evening, that half-baked thing may at last fully be at rest.

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