Electors to Cast Their Votes Monday

The Story:

Joseph Biden will be “President Elect” in a formal constitutional sense once the various states’ electors cast their votes this coming Monday. Everyone expects that they will cast their votes in accord with the results of the election as certified by the Secretary of State in each jurisdiction. The so-called “faithless electors,” those who have voted for someone other than the candidate to whom they were pledged, have been very rate in US electoral politics.


The political parties in each state (and in the District of Columbia, which has 3 electoral votes) nominate a slate of electors. The names of the electors are of course not on the ballot — but when a voter votes for the Democratic Party’s nominee for President, he is implicitly voting to have that party’s slate of electors represent the state in the final Electoral College vote.

The Thing to Know:

Under US federal law, all state recounts and ballot disputes must be completed by December 8 so that the full “college” will be determined six days ahead of that vote. These events have gone according to schedule this year, and a sufficient number of electors pledged to Biden are in place to assure his win.


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