Biden’s Choice for the Secretary of State

The Story:

Joseph Biden, President Elect, announced this weekend that he will nominate Antony Blinken, a veteran of the Clinton and Obama administration, for his leading cabinet post, that of Secretary of State. Blinken’s resume was immediately and widely discussed as possible evidence that the Biden administration will have a centrist, not-especially-progressive orientation, full of familiar faces from those two previous Democratic administrations.


Blinken served on the staff of the National Security Council during the Clinton years in the 1990s. By the end of that administration his title was Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European and Canadian Affairs.

In 2008, he became a member of the Obama-Biden transition team. Once that administration was underway he served as National Security Advisor to the Vice President. Later in that administration he became Deputy Secretary of State.

The Thing to Know:

Blinken’s general orientation as to foreign policy may fairly be described as one of Atlanticist multilateralism. He believes the United States must be engaged with the rest of the world, responding to threats to its interests. To that end, he believes the US should act in accord with its traditional allies, especially those of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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