Perdue/Ossoff Runoff in Georgia

 The Story:

US Senator David Perdue (R), of Georgia, completing his first term in the Senate, is engaged in a campaign to determine whether he will have a second and, as noted yesterday, this is one of two runoffs in that state that will together determine which party will organize the Senate for the next two years.  His opponent is Jon Ossoff (D), a former investigative reporter for a documentary film company and an alum of the London School of Economics.


The January run-off is necessary because under Georgia law the winning candidate must receive a majority of the vote. In November, given the involvement of the Libertarian Party’s nominee, Shane Hazel, neither major party candidate did. In the January ballot, Hazel’s name will no longer appear, so (excluding the astronomical improbability of a tie) there WILL be a majority winner.

Perdue has made Ossoff’s connection to a documentary film-making company a target of attack. That London-based company has sold a documentary to a Hong Kong Media concern, PCCW, owned by Richard Li, who has close ties to Beijing and is known as an opponent of the pro-democracy, pro-independence forces in Hong Kong.

The Thing to Know:

Perdue and Ossoff debated twice during the autumn campaign. The first of those debates included Hazel, the second was one-on-one. That second debate featured a heated moment in which Ossoff called Perdue a “crook” and said that he has been “attacking the health of the people that you represent” while looking after his own portfolio. This was a reference to a disclosure in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, that Perdue bought stock in DuPont, which sells medical equipment, on Jan. 24, the same day that he received a classified briefing on the Covid-19 threat.

The clip of that moment in the debate soon went viral.


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