Health: Good News About Cloth Face Masks

The Story:

Researchers report that they have developed a special type of cotton face mask that kills up to 99.9999% of the bacteria and virus stuck thereon after just 60 minutes of daylight exposure. The modified cotton can be washed at least 10 times and constantly exposed to daylight for a week without loss of its antimicrobial potency.


Many people have by now become accustomed to wearing a face mask, at least while out in public places such as a supermarket. The mask (or some face covering — in the early days and weeks many people improvised with scarves until masks became widely available) is regarded as a sort of “hall pass.”

But viruses and bacteria that stick to the mask can then be transferred to the hand of anyone touching it, to remove it, adjust it, etc. Thus: the demand for improved self-disinfecting materials.

In Pill Form: 

Until this material is widely available, though, the points we want all our readers to remember for their own safety are these: use masks, clean and/or change your masks, limit their contact with your hands and, in any event, regularly wash your hands!


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