Health: New US Spike in Covid-19 Cases

The Story:

In the final days of October public health officials announced that the average rate of new infection with Covid-19 per day in the United States had reached 70,000, more than ever before. The number of US deaths attributed to the virus passed 227,000, more than in any other country on the planet. There were more than one thousand Covid deaths on Thursday, October 29, alone.


In many states, the latest Covid surge is overwhelming or seems soon likely to overwhelm hospital capacity. In Utah, hospital administrators have presented to the Governor a plan for a “triage” system, in which some patients will be excluded from the overcrowded intensive care units. The system will favor younger people, with fewer or no underlying problems, over the elderly and those who do have such problems, on that ground that the former are more likely to survive with the benefit of the ICU care.

Triage has not as of yet been instituted. It is a drastic measure associated with battlefield medicine. But the burden on hospitals is growing and, in the words of Dr. Angela Dunn, a Utah epidemiologist, “I don’t know what to do anymore.” In that, she speaks for many.

In Pill Form:

At we hope that all our readers are following the counsel that public health officials have been giving since this spring. Wear masks! Keep your distance! Thank you.


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