A Final Debate for the Two Presidential Candidates

The Story:

President Donald Trump (R) debated former Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Biden (D) at Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee, Thursday evening. The event was moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC, perhaps best-known as co-anchor of Weekend Today. 


There has been a very broad consensus among commentators that this debate was superior to its precursor. There was far less cranky cross-talk, so listeners could actually take in an exchange of ideas.

One of the most dramatic moments arose out of economic policy. The President offered a stark connection between his success or failure in this campaign and the future of the stock market. He told Welker, “They say the stock market will boom if I’m elected. If he’s elected, the stock market will crash.”

That gave rise to one of Biden’s best comebacks of the evening. He began it by saying that he regrets the fact that the President takes the movements of the stock markets as his only measure of right and wrong. Then the great line:

The Thing to Know:

“Where I come from in Scranton [Pennsylvania]and Claymont [Delaware], the people don’t live off of the stock market….[T]hat’s his only measure. What happens to the ordinary people out there?”

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