Health: The Dalio Center for Health Justice

 The Story:

Last week NewYork-Presbyterian, a healthcare provider encompassing 10 hospital campuses across the New York City metropolitan area, announced the creation of an affiliated nonprofit, the Dalio Center for Health Justice, to be funded by a grant from Dalio Philanthropies.


The founder of Dalio Philanthropies is Ray Dalio, the co chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates, a very successful hedge fund management firm. Dalio is also a Trustee of NewYork-Presbyterian.

The goal of the grant and of the new Dalio Center is to work to reduce the disparaity in the health care available to the poor and to the rich. The Center will be led by Dr. Julia Iyasere, who says the means to that end will include “research, dialogue and education, equity in our clinical operations, investment in our communities, and advocacy for national change.”

The President and CEO of NY-Pres, Dr. Steven J. Corwin, said in announcing the creation of the new non-profit, “We are living in a profound time where social, economic, and health crises are converging at once.”

In Pill Form:

The Covid-19 pandemic has persuaded many people and institutions that healthcare inequities along economic, racial, and other lines are profound and that addressing them is as important as, say, research on new vaccines and therapies.


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