Michigan: James versus Peters

The Story:

Senator Gary Peters (D – MI), seeking a second term, still looks like the favorite in his race against Republican political neophyte John James. But he has lost some ground in recent polls, and he is underperforming in comparison with his party’s presidential candidate, Joe Biden.


Health care and insurance are major issues in this campaign. Peters supports Obamacare, and wants it “opened up,” so that people can enroll throughout the year, at least during the run of the pandemic, and not remain stuck within a narrow enrollment window. Peters has also proposed changes in other areas where the 2010 legislation “may not be working right.”

James favors the outright repeal of Obamacare, and its replacement with “a market-based, patient-centered approach.”

On immigration, the two candidates have similar things to say. James says “we need to have a more welcoming, inclusive approach to our immigration system without sacrificing national security or leaving Americans behind.” Peters, too, thinks reform is essential, adding that it will be achieved only if a spirit of bipartisanship returns to the House and Senate.

The Thing to Know:

A recent CBS News/YouGov poll showed Peters getting 47% support and James 44%. A New York Times/Siena poll showed an even closer race: Peters 43% and James 42%.


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