Health: Back and Forth and Back Again in the UK

The Story:

This spring the United Kingdom, like much of the rest of the world, imposed significant restrictions on the movement of its residents in hopes of stemming the pandemic. Then, in the summer, the disease seemed to be under control and life returned largely to normal. Now it appears that that was premature, and the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed a new round of Covid-19 related rules.

Sample Restrictions:

Johnson says that social gatherings, whether indoors or out, and limited to six people. There may be 30 at a funeral, but just 15 at a wedding.

On Monday, September 21, there were 4,400 news cases of Covid-19 reported within the United Kingdom. The government’s medical advisors are warning that within restrictions there could be 50 thousand new cases a day by the middle of October, and heading into another winter.

In the words of the PM, “This is the moment when we must act. If we can curb the number of daily infections … then we can save lives, protect the NHS and the most vulnerable, and shelter the economy.”

In Pill Form:

Much of the worry in the UK just now, though, is that the testing system in inadequate, so such figures, indicating where the country now stands, cannot be relief upon.



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