Strange Goings-On in Eastern Connecticut

The Story:

It is not yet clear against whom the incumbent US Congressman for Connecticut’s 2d Congressional district, Joe Courtney (D), will be campaigning this year for his reelection. Counting continues in the Republican primary between Justin Anderson, a lieutenant colonel in the Connecticut National Guard, and Tom Gilmer.  The numbers are close enough to trigger an automatic recount. But there is another consideration aside from the counting. Gilmer has been arrested on charges related to domestic violence.


Tom Gilmer was arrested over a May 2017 assault on his then girlfriend. There exists a video of the assault: it shows Gilmer punching the woman in the face and then choking her. Gilmer said early on election day that he would withdraw his candidacy, but he has yet to do so formally.

The Thing to Know:

If Gilmer doesn’t get make his withdrawal official and he wins the vote, then he will be on the ballot against Courtney in November, whatever the status of the criminal case at that time. If Anderson wins the vote, then of course he will be on the ballot. The tricky possibility is that Gilmer withdraws but still wins the vote. In that case the Republican Party will probably award the nomination to Anderson, but it doesn’t have to, under the law or its own rules. The party’s state central committee could simply nominate a candidate of its own choice to face Courtney on the November ballot.

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