Health: Former Philip Morris Strategist Comes on Over

The Story:

A former strategist for the tobacco giant Philip Morris has come over in a big way to the world of alternative medicine and alternative ‘smokes.’ Setti Coscarella is the new CEO of Taat Lifestyle & Wellness, which will be launching hemp cigarettes in the fourth quarter of this year.


The days of widespread fear of “reefer madness” are far behind us, and all fifty states in the United States now have laws authorizing at least some use of cannabidiol (CBD) extract for medicinal purposes, though the relevant restrictions and regulations vary wildly from one state to another.

Taat’s new hemp cigarettes, branded “Beyond Tobacco,” contain “a minimum of 50 mg of CBD” and less than 0.3% THC per cigarette. It markets them as a way of mitigating the difficulties of tobacco withdrawal and thus of allowing tobacco addicts to quit.

Taat’s announcement that Coscarella has come on board tied his hiring to the forthcoming launch, and said that he is “very eager to be in the driver’s seat” at this moment in the corporation’s history.

The Thing to Know:

The US Congress has legalized hemp (a variant of cannabis with only minimal amounts of the THC associated with a ‘high’). But the FDA continues to take a restrictive view as a regulatory matter, requiring doctor’s prescriptions.

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