Kansas GOP: What Do We Do About Kobach?

The Story:

Kris Kobach continues to lead in the polling for Kansas’ Republican primary for the US Senate seat slated to be filled this year. Kobach has several opponents in this primary (August 4), who all argue that Kobach has so marginalized himself that if he is nominated he is likely to lose the November vote to Barbara Bollier (D), just as Kobach lost the gubernatorial race in 2018 to Democrat Laura Kelly.


What has Kobach done that has made him toxic? One example: in October 2017, he contributed a column to Breitbart News to the effect that the US should limit the amount of legal immigration because immigrants commit a disproportionate share of crimes.  The Republican establishment has been trying to make the point that it is only opposed to illegal immigration and that it welcomes the legal sort.

To support his factual claims against immigration as such, Kobach in the Breitbart column referenced as an authority the work of Peter Gemma. That is a tainted source: Gemma is affiliated with white supremacist and Holocaust denial groups.

The Thing to Know: 

A newly created political action committee called Plains PAC is spending millions on ads attacking Kobach between now and primary day, funded by establishment Republicans in the expectation that any other candidate will have better odds against Bollier than Kobach will.

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