Oklahoma Reporter Nominated for US Senate: Abby Broyles

The Story:

On Tuesday, June 30, the Democratic Party in Oklahoma voted to nominate Abby Broyles for the US Senate. This pits her against the Republican incumbent, Jim Inhofe, who is running for his fifth term, with President Donald Trump’s enthusiastic endorsement.


Broyles has worked as a television reporter for an NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City. She terminated her employment there last fall when she decided on this campaign.

Before the campaign, Broyles was probably best known for breaking a story with that station that led to the resignation of and felony charges against a state Senator, Kyle Loveless. Broyles discovered that Loveless had embezzled more than $150,000 in money donated to his 2016 election campaign. Loveless pleaded guilty to the three felonies and accepted three years probation.

Broyles says that her top issues as Senator will be health care, school safety, and improving services to veterans.

The Thing to Know:

Broyles’ campaign is considered a long-shot. Imhofe is generally well liked. Also, Broyles, a 30 year old woman, just barely meets the minimum age requirement for election to this post. Yet other expectations have been upended of late: and she may be in the early stages of a career worth watching.

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