Colorado Dems Nominate Hickenlooper for US Senate

The Story:

On Tuesday, June 30, Democratic Party voters in Colorado selected a former Governor, and former Presidential candidate, John Hickenlooper to run for the US Senate against incumbent Cory Gardner, a Republican who is widely seen as vulnerable in November.

The Numbers:

The Associated Press called the race only half an hour after the polls had closed, when Hickenlooper had a 59% to 41% lead over his primary opponent, Andrew Romanoff.

Meanwhile, Gardner was running unopposed in the Republican primary.

The Libertarian Party has considerable support within Colorado, and in their primary Raymon Doane won against Gaylon Kent, 62% to 38%. Doane works as a business analyst for the Colorado Department of Revenue. (And, yes, that seems like an odd occupation for a Libertarian Party activist.)

How much influence Doane may have on the Gardner/Hickenlooper showdown, and from whose base he is more likely to draw votes, is difficult to tell.

The Thing to Know:

Hickenlooper was decidedly the candidate of the Democratic Party establishment. He seemed to be in trouble a couple of weeks ago, and his allies created a new political action committee that spent more than $1 million in the final days on anti-Romanoff ads.They seem to have done the job; Hickenlooper turned around a slide.




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