Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams?

 The Story: 

The Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for President, former Vice President Joe Biden, continues to mull the question who he wants on the ticket with him. He has made a commitment that his vice presidential choice will be a woman. One of the possibilities that has received attention of late is Stacey Abrams, the Democratic Party’s nominee for Governor of Georgia in 2018.

A Confrontation:

The level of attention Abrams has received in this regard has increased since her appearance last week (Thursday) on The View, and a confrontation there with Meghan McCain. Ms McCain is generally conservative and Republican (though anti-Trump) in her politics.

McCain thought Abrams had crossed a line by comparing a US President to the dictator of Turkey. She challenged her on this. Abrams acknowledged, “I said that we’re on the path to populist authoritarianism similar to what we saw with Erdogan.” And she stuck by that assessment.

The Thing to Know: 

Abrams has been very open about her desire for the VP spot. That openness is itself contrary to a longstanding etiquette in such situations. Asked about the etiquette of public silence by VP hopefuls, Abrams said recently, “My response has to meet the moment.”

The question now is whether Biden believes she is the one to help him meet his electoral moment.

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