Iowan Democrats Vote, Choosing Senator Ernst’s Opponent

The Story:

With the question of which party will control the US Senate over the next two years very much an open one for the November election, the national Democratic Party would plainly like to defeat Senator Joni Ernst (R – Ia). To that end, it appears that they have chosen the president of a Des Moines based realty company, Theresa Greenfield, as Ernst’s opponent.


Ernst has a reputation as a relatively “moderate” Republican. For example, she contributed to the outcry against President Trump’s first appointee as head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt. She said that Pruitt “is about as swampy as you get … and if the president wants to drain the swamp, he needs to take a look at his own cabinet.” The outcry achieved its purpose: Pruitt resigned.

Most of the polling organizations rated Iowa as “leaning Republican” in this race. That implies that they do not consider it a “safe” seat for the Republicans.

The Thing to Know:

The new Democrat nominee, Theresa Greenfield, was chosen in a primary that culminated yesterday, but that involved relatively little in-person voting. Greenfield is a political neophyte running chiefly on a platform of preserving and expanding the Obamacare health insurance system.

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