Bill Gates, Politics, and a Conspiracy Theory

The Story:

Bill Gates, the co-founder of tech giant Microsoft, ended his active role in that corporation in 2006 and has since devoted himself to philanthropy. The foundation he runs with his wife, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has taken up much of his time for years now. But 2020 is different. Bill Gates has taken a more explicitly political stand.

This Year:

Gates is, for example, an important backer of the Pandemic Action Network, which seeks to get various governments on the same page against Covid-19 and working toward “bio-security” against future such outbreaks.

On April 15, Bill tweeted that President Trump’s interest in de-funding the World Health Organization is “as dangerous as it sounds.”

The Thing to Know:

Conspiracy theories now swirl around Gates, or rather around the Gates’, and their foundation. The theorists, including at least one prominent commentator on Fox News, posit that the Gates’ actually created the Covid pandemic in order to push through a one-world government. On this hypothesis, whenever Trump supports shelter-in-place rules, and promotes international cooperation on Covid-19 related matters, he is acting as a Gates puppet. (The theorists often also give the alleged puppet some credit for sporadic rebellions against the puller of his strings.)

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