Likely Michigan Match-Up: James v. Peters

The Story: 

Senator Gary Peters (D – MI) is finishing up his first term as that state’s Senator: he took the seat as an old Washington hand, Carl Levin, who had held it since 1978, retired in 2014. Peters may not get the chance to become an ‘old hand’ himself: he faces a formidable challenge from John E. James, a rising star in the Republican Party. One mark of James’ “rising star” status is that President Trump briefly considered him for the post of US Ambassador to the United Nations.


James faces an intra-party challenge for the Republican nomination, which will be settled by a primary scheduled for August 4. He’ll be running against Bob Carr, a historic preservationist. James’ victory is widely expected. Other, perhaps more formidable, potential rivals for the GOP nomination, such as former Governor Rick Snyder, have chosen to remain on the sidelines.

Both Peters and James are veterans. Under President George H.W. Bush, Peters served in the Navy in the Persian Gulf conflict. Under President George W. Bush, James served in the Army in the Iraq War.

The Thing to Know:

James has been very successful in raising money for this campaign, receiving $4.8 million in donations in the first quarter. The incumbent received $4 million in the same quarter.

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