Biden’s Nomination All But Official

The Story:

Senator Bernie Sanders of late has given every appearance that he is winding down his campaign for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, though as of this writing he has made no formal announcement. Nonetheless, the winding-down means that the nomination of the “centrist”  former Vice President, Joe Biden, is all but official.


Tulsi Gabbard, the first female combat veteran ever to run for President, suspended her campaign last week and endorsed Biden “in his quest to bring our country together,” as she put it.

Many progressives are now of the view that it is for the best for Sanders to bow out quickly. In the words of Robert Reich, who was Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton, “We know Joe Biden is going to be the nominee. We’ve got to get Trump out, and there’s a national emergency, so let’s move along.”

The Thing to Know:

The underlying division between the “progressive” and the “centrist” wings of the party will surely continue, whatever decision Sanders makes in coming days. Biden, as a candidate in the general election, will have an opportunity to become the next President only if he can head a coalition that will include many of those for whom Sanders spoke.

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