Is Matt Gaetz Planning for 2024?

The Story:

Matt Gaetz, a Republican who represents Florida’s panhandle in the US House, has a reputation as a firebrand defender of President Donald Trump. There is talk that he may himself be preparing a campaign for President in 2024, when he would run as the rightful heir to the Trump administration as its eight year constitutional limit expires.


Gaetz was born to the political manner. He is the son of Don Gaetz, who was a member of the Florida State Senate for ten years, and the Senate President for two of them.

In a speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee last week, Matt Gaetz claimed (humblebragged perhaps) that he had “catfished” various special interest PACs in the course of his Congressional campaigns. The implication was that although he had taken their money he has never done their bidding.

The Thing to Know:

Hereafter, Gaetz said in the CPAC speech, he won’t take any more of their money, so it will be more obvious he will not be swayed by their will. As Brad Slager wrote in a conservative blog, RedState, Gaetz’ speech sounded very like that that of someone planning a national campaign, and “adorning himself in the guise of a politician for the people,” independent of any narrow factions.

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